The Marriage Zone by Bullet

The Marriage Zone

Most men – average men – can only begin enjoying life at age 29 the way women do at age 19 because it takes them that long to gain the resources women find attractive. The point in life where men’s and women’s access intersect is the marriage zone. She has to get him to commit in that zone before he realizes that his life is really just starting. My recommendation: she’s enjoyed her “wild and free” days, so avoid marriage and go enjoy yours. Travel. Sex up a variety of women. Explore your hobby now that you have both the time and resources to do so. In short, live life with the access of a carefree 19 year old party girl.

The Chart

Ages 15 to 19: The chart starts at age 15. Here women are at an access level of 8, which means they can pretty much do whatever they want whenever they want. By the time she’s 19 and has a fake ID, she soars up to a 10 which means the world is her oyster. Your average man in this same category is lucky if he gets a blowjob from the ugly chick in 2nd period, and feels truly fortunate if he can keep a steady girlfriend and get laid on a semi regular basis.

Ages 20 to 25: Women are at their peak during most of this time, and even though their access starts to decline, it declines only because they themselves are being more selective while staging for marriage. Men during this time are steadily learning how to deal with women and are increasing their earning potential, so things are getting slowly better. Still,they haven’t reached the level of access that their female counterparts have enjoyed since age 15.

Age 26 to 28: This is the start of the marriage zone. Women’s clocks are ticking, and men have finally turned a job into a career. Though women’s access is still at a very high 8, she notices the men around her have more choices. They’ve reached an access level of 7 and are steadily rising. Though she gets roughly the same amount of attention from men that she used to, she notices the men are far less likely to catch oneitis in her presence. Men are getting smarter and they have more options because of their increased access. She has to get him to commit as soon as possible before he realizes just how numerous his options really are.

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Age 29 to 30: This is a superb time for men to be alive. The tables have now turned. She’s finally learned that while finding dick takes very little effort, finding *committed* dick isn’t as easy as she was told it would be. Even though she screwed up in the marriage zone and wasn’t able to secure a partner, shes going to stay on the prowl and be in it to win it.

Age 31 and up: As her sexual and marriage market value slowly decreases, so does her access to committed dick. Meanwhile, the men who were smart enough to avoid her in the marriage zone have a long and happy life ahead of them. Even at age 40 – if they are successful and have stayed in shape – these men can find a 28 year old woman to bear their children if they want. The men have nothing to lose. The women continue to slowly decline until they settle for a beta or convince themselves that being a career woman in Cougarville was really what they wanted all along.

After men avoid the marriage zone, their access soars. They can enjoy a series of fulfilling monogamous relationships with women who are on their best behavior since they’re desperately trying to get married, and fill in the time in between these relationships by banging easy targets such as single mothers, divorcees, and rabid feminists who are second guessing their decisions.

So gentlemen, stay in shape. Focus on your career, build a stable financial portfolio, and keep your access soaring. If you absolutely must have a child, do it in your late 30s or early 40s with a hot little number in her 20s. It can happen. If you’re like me and children aren’t in your future, the possibilities are endless.

Avoid the marriage zone!

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Attraction, Time Decay & Facebook

One of the beauties of learning game is that as your competency improves, what used to appear to me as a whole bunch of random illogical behavior patterns that women put guys through has now become often predictable, what that means is I can see a simple more broad picture why a woman does and says certain things and consequently I have automatic responses to glean the best from those interactions.

In other words, the skill of Gaming Females is taking a girls interaction with you which appears to the masses as a moving ‘Dynamic’, however the skilled player can start to view the interaction as a ‘Static’ freeze-frame and can skillfully guide the interaction without the mental effort of game newby’s. This will free up your mental space to try out new game conversation gambits.

To progress your game further you need to honestly recognize where you’re at now as far as game goes.  Guys gaming in conversation with a woman fall into two broad areas::

1. She’s into you and I’m gaming her in a way so I don’t fuck this up style. (Beginner to Intermediate).

2. She’s not that into you yet but you know what you’re doing and you game to get her interested in you and then turn things sexual, later she’s surprised at her self for having sex with you. (Advanced).

Ok, you’ve met a girl in a bar and you’ve built attraction and for whatever reason she can’t come home with you, so you get her phone number and she leaves….the clock now starts ticking, your time is limited. Think of building attraction with her is like blowing air into a balloon…a balloon that is leaking! Unless you’ve had sex with this girl more than six times her attraction for you is usually waning (I’m talking a hot girl of high value here) during the time that you don’t see her.

Time Decay
The Player’s objective here is to see this girl as soon as possible to try to progress matters sexually with her before too much air is lost from your attraction balloon….and you have to do this without appearing pushy or needy, this takes game skill.

The longer time goes on after Day or Night gaming a girl the likelihood of meeting up with her usually decreases proportionately over time.

A lot of guys fall into the trap of constantly adding women to their Facebook and messaging them but that can be as far as it goes. Its important to understand that women will add just about anyone to their Facebook, particularly guys to give themselves Validation and boost their ego with a public display that they have Orbiters and often love directionless unimportant communication.

Facebook is a tool that the player uses to raise his value while he parks his target when logistics mean’t that he couldn’t have sex with her (assuming that she was unattached).  However, once again we have Time Decay working against your game here and you’ll need to act reasonably quickly to meet her again to progress things sexually.

With my job as a Love Systems Instructor I get to travel overseas a lot and therefore meet ladies in different countries. Therefore have become reasonably skilled at the Facebook game, I can tell by the content and speed of a girls FB message the level of attraction she has for me, and I also can see it wane with time, If I suspect her level of attraction isn’t sufficient I’ll even suggest a meet-up with her to test the level of attraction even though I may be in another country and can’t possibly see her, just so I can gauge her response to determine if I keep or delete her from my Facebook.

And I suggest that you need to do that as well. If you feel some girls on your Facebook are wasting your time & space then I suggest you delete them and stop allowing yourself to be used as validation for a females ego. It’ll also help you’re Inner Game as well by not having constant news feed reminders of girls you’ve missed out on.

With skilled game it means that you’ll have a constant stream of women coming into your life and thats enough to handle in itself.

But most importantly, the two most precious things you need to appreciate in your life are Time and your Health and don’t waste a precious ounce of either of them, so use your time wisely.

Just thought I would throw this in as well…I’ve taught hundreds of students on Bootcamps now and I’ve found that 80% of my students game problems are related to either poor posture, speech patterns or body language and it always comes as a surprise to the student when I help them correct their speech / body language as they were never aware they had a problem before, therefore I’ve concluded that game students who don’t work with good coaches personally are wasting their time by only just reading about game. Remember practice does not make perfect…practice with corrections makes perfect!  Best, Bullet

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50 year old Bullet Bangs Playmate from Playboy Mansion Party

The euphoria started when I first received the email from Savoy that I had been chosen to be one of a few instructors to teach at the Love Systems Playboy Mansion bootcamp. Even though I’m 50 years old I remember watching TV programs as far back as 25 years ago about Hef’s Playboy Mansion and was envious at what a perfect lifestyle that seemed to be and I would have given my left nut back then to be apart of that lifestyle.

The Saturday night of the Playboy Mansion party soon came around only to find me waking that morning feeling off with aches and pains all over my body, I had been partying a little too hard lately with Future and was coming down with the flu and was feeling like shit, but nothing was going to stop me getting to that party.

Upon arrival at the party I downed 2 Vodka Redbulls and that put me in a more positive state, I was now in the right positive frame with my game and there was loads of 9’s and 10’s everywhere at the party. Sterling a new junior coach came over to me and said look, holding his hand out “I’m shaking”, so was his level of excitement, I could feel it too.

I spotted a hot blonde girl at the bar (one of many) and went over and opened and started gaming, to protect her identity lets call her Barbie here (the photo of her is real), Barbie was in her 20‘s and had appeared in Playboy a few years earlier but now had a real job. Barbie also had a friend at the party who was her former modeling manager we’ll call her Pricilla, and Pricilla was getting drunk off her ass on champagne. Champagne is either a game friend or foe as it gets chicks drunk quickly, in this case it would prove to be my foe. I ran my game and quickly transitioned into role play mode telling Barbie we’re getting engaged, then getting married, then getting a divorce, etc.
Barbie was fun with an outgoing personality so I got attraction from her spiking really quickly, Priscilla liked me too, I ran a few game stories about myself that I have that are humorous, spike my value, and are under the bragging radar as you have to do that when gaming a woman half your age.

Barbie was really getting into it and we started making out at the bar while her drunk friend was distracted. I then tried to move Barbie to get her to show me the Mansion mini-zoo which is hidden amongst trees to try and isolate her in the gardens to have sex but she was too concerned about leaving her drunk friend, by now I had number closed Barbie and she said she had to accompany Pricilla to the bathroom.

They both left for the bathroom with Barbie saying ‘See you soon honey”, I kept an eye out as I waited around the bar for Barbie’s return but after fifteen minutes it was obvious she was never coming back.

I texted Barbie “Hey Wifey, u left me at the bar 🙁 and I received no response, so I looked for my next target and found another young blonde hottie called Andie a hair stylist from LA, wearing lingerie at the party with a smoking hot body, I ran my usual game template and she was hooking until someone offered her Cocaine, I don’t do that shit so she & her friend went off to do lines and I never saw them again after that, but I had Andie’s number.

It was now 1.00am and the party was rapidly petering out, I went back to the bar where the Love Systems coaches were centralized and they were all in set. The was only one girl available, so I approached her and ran game, she had an athletic body but her face was a 7 and she was about to leave on the Mansion shuttle bus to the taxi rank, so I joined her. While we talked in the shuttle bus line some AFC guy who must have been gaming her earlier came over and started reinitiating conversation with her, I’m equipped to deal with this so I ran a few routines that got her laughing and I could tell this guy was getting shut down and pissed, just as we were boarding the bus he jumps ahead in the line and sits next to her on the bus, so I sit at the back of the bus. We arrive at the taxi rank and I get off and see looks over to me so I reinitiate my conversation with her and she’s into it so I’m kino’ing holding her hand lightly with her smiling sweetly then AFC guy who’s standing about 10 feet away talking to someone see’s whats going on and immediately charges over and takes my head in both his hands and jerks me in his direction. As an instinct I torqued my body off my right foot rotating to the left and punched him with a right cross straight on his jaw and he staggered back a few feet with shock and surprise on his face. I want to make it clear that I don’t condone violence for a second and its best to avoid a physical altercation at all costs. However in this case this guy really overstepped the mark, I have a background in MMA fighting and BJJ however thats no excuse and I should have kept calm. It also blew the set, because as I hit this guy I heard my target exclaim “Oh, fuck”, and she retreated instantly far away from me and the ugly scene.

I decided to get out of there asap as it was a volatile situation and you never know what’s going to happen as opponents reinforcements can be summonsed, so I walked to the main road and a taxi pulls over to the curb ahead of me and it’s Mr M & Future in a taxi leaving the Mansion beckoning me to get in as luck would have it, we then drive back to the Comfort Inn recounting our nights adventures.

I woke early Sunday at 7.30am in my hotel room feeling totally shit now, the flu symptoms had accelerated during the night with the alcohol consumption and I was running a fever, I checked my phone for any messages from Barbie, but nothing. I texting her again mindful that I was flying back to New York that afternoon so I really had to push my game to find I had no phone credit, so I walked across the road to the 7 Eleven and bought $20 phone credit and went back to the room and tried texting again but to no avail, then called the phone company and found the plan that I had signed up for a month earlier required minimum credit of $50 a month.
So back across the road to purchase more credit and a breakfast corn dog and voila my phones working but its 8.45am by now and the window of time I have to work with is rapidly diminishing, after I install the credit I receive a text from Barbie saying that she had to leave early because Pricilla’s boyfriend was at the party and got pissed at Priscilla and Barbie for having a party make out, so they had a fight. (The Playboy Mansion party is always a highly sexually charged environment).

She also mentioned she was staying at the Beverley Hills Hotel so I tried to accelerate a meet-up due to the small window of time I was working with and suggested that I come to her hotel and we have breakfast together there. Her text response was that she was in the hotel lobby checking out already. Damn I thought.

Barbie lived at Laguna so I knew she could drive by near my hotel so I texted her again that we have breakfast at my hotel, this was always going to be a long shot asking a girl to come to your hotel.

Then no response from her, I let 15 minutes go by and this was my last chance, so I called her. I’ve been told a few times from LA girls that they dig my voice, my Australian accent that morning had been supercharged by the after effects of alcohol and flu making my voice sound like an Australian Barry White. I already knew my call would go to her voice mailbox as hot girls tend to frequently do that, so I said; “Hi Barbie, you probably don’t remember us in Vegas last night, just want to know if you’re having breakfast with your new husband”, text me or call me back, bye”. Using my rich voice with appropriate pauses for maximum pure testosterone effect.
The result was immediate, she called within 5 minutes of my voice message and our breakfast meet was agreed to be at my hotel 15 minutes later, I get a text from her soon saying she was in my hotel car park. I go downstairs to meet her, suppressing my excitement I hugged her briefly then cooly said I had forgotten my wallet so she walked with me to my hotel room. Once inside my hotel room, I looked at her and said; ‘We haven’t said hello properly have we”, so we made out passionately and I soon put my hand up her short dress and found she had no underwear and she arched her body into me as I touched her pussy, I knew for sure now this was on, we had sex with her making a lot of loud ohh’s and ahh’s as these hot LA women tend to do.

This account of events is more than a sex story, most importantly lets look at the underlying message from what we can all learn from this, what this story demonstrates is the underlying philosophy that game is a logical process in a moving dynamic, as you become more skilled in game you begin to see directions to take given limited opportunities and time, some work out and some don’t and try not to let your emotion creep in, play the cards as they are dealt and make decisions based on the best tactical move for you at the time and don’t become emotionally dependent on outcomes. In this case there was a series of set backs however staying the path proved victorious in the long run by taking one step at a time. And the fundamental of that path of everyone’s game should be to get their target comfortable and in isolation with you as soon as possible without appearing needy or making her feel awkward.

I get asked will I see this girl again, my answer is maybe on the basis if the logistics suit me. When I worked with Neil Strauss some years ago he used to say that banging 9’s & 10’s was just a means of validation to ourselves of who we believe we are. I tend to agree with that theory as most 9’s & 10’s while fun to have sex with will often make the worst long-term girlfriends as they’ve had AFC guys spoiling them rotten and they get worse as they get older, try asking them to make you dinner (things you like to eat) or iron your shirt on a regular basis when there’s no pot of gold in it for them and you’ll understand what I mean here. They make better friends with benefits if you can swing it.

I can help you improve you game, please contact me for more information on how I can boost your results with the type of women you want.

All the best, cheers, Bullet

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Project Rockstar 2011- Live Video Link

For the next 2 months I’ll be coaching students on Project Rockstar, which is basically a 2 month long Bootcamp that also includes Business and Personal Development training, this will be my third Rockstar. I’ll be posting live video clips of all the action, videos will start off with intro’s of the 7 hand picked 2011 Rockstars, then as they develop more game that’s when footage really becomes interesting…stay tuned and drop in here regularly to view the latest unfold.

To see the current video of Project Rockstar 2011 just click on the upper tabs on this page where it says: ‘Video/Audio/Resources’, then click ‘Videos’ in drop down menu, then click ‘Project Rockstar 2011’ from next drop down menu.

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Online Dating – Fool’s Gold

I like to keep in touch with my past students and take an interest in hearing how they are going.
The following is a transcript of recent email communications I’ve had with student Bruscki. He’s 53, successful in business and tried Online Dating to pick up younger women as he has a busy life, our conversations are as follow:

Hey Bullet,
My life is “challenged” in many ways at the moment but hopefully that will get better in the next couple of months.
Still practicing, not as much as I should, getting nowhere with my Online email game.  Still reading the text game book.  Trying to overcome my own internal resistance.
How’s by you?


Hi Bruscki,
Great to hear you working on overcoming your internal resistance, that’s really what every guy needs to realize. My favorite quote out of Lance’s Armstrong’s bike book was this: “Pain is temporary, it may take a minute, or an hour, or a year, but it will eventually subside and something else will take its place. If I quit however it lasts forever. That surrender, even the smallest act of giving up stays with me. There is a point in every race when a rider encounters his real opponent and understand that it’s himself”. Great words Lance – because with change comes pain.

I’ve been back in Australia now for a month and I’ve had to start gaming here at point zero devoid of remaining friends with benefits. I tried Online Dating as soon as I arrived but have found it to be far inferior to day & night game. I think theres a lot of girls out there that get a self esteem boost with 8+ guys emailing her, and if attractive become evasive to pin down for an actual date. While Online dating is supposed to be more time effective, I found the reverse that it wasn’t – a majority of women I did meet in person were older/fatter than their profile picture therefore a waste of my valuable time. While internet dating can serve as a backup plan, everyone’s most consistant best results will always come from Day & Night game, I’ve seen the results there time & time again.
Of course nothing every runs perfectly to plan, I initially had a bunch of dates here from day & night game, at first a few chicks were giving me the run around plus LMR which can be frustrating when you’ve just arrived in town and only got 1 or 2 numbers to play with, but don’t allow that feeling to take hold, its just a mathematical numbers game, get more numbers and run my game template and escalate like a mother fucker when she hooks and is alone with you and eventually you start banging chicks, its taken a month now and I’m well on my way to rebuilding my stable, now I can ease off gaming as much. Its that simple.
I leave here in 3 weeks for NYC, if you’re ever in town let me know.

Cheers, Bullet

Hi Bullet,
Wise words my friend.  And timely.  I will take your advice although day and night game are much more stringent teachers.  I think it was easier to fool myself that I was making progress with the internet.
Back to basics!  I’ll stay in touch.



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On Being a Nice Guy…

You hear it all the time: “He was such a NICE Guy, and she’s such a Heartless Bitch for dumping him.”
At we get letters from self-professed Nice Guys, complaining that women must WANT to be treated like shit, because THEY, the “Nice Guy” have failed repeatedly in relationships. This is akin to the false logic that “Whales are mammals. Whales live in the sea. Therefore, all mammals live in the sea.”
If you have one bad relationship after another, the only common denominator is YOU. Think about it.
What’s wrong with Nice Guys? The biggest problem is that most Nice Guys ™ are hideously insecure. They are so anxious to be liked and loved that they do things for other people to gain acceptance and attention, rather than for the simply pleasure of giving. You never know if a Nice Guy really likes you for who you are, or if he has glommed onto you out of desperation because you actually paid some kind of attention to him.
Nice Guys exude insecurity — a big red target for the predators of the world. There are women out there who are “users” — just looking for a sucker to take advantage of. Users home-in on “Nice Guys”, stroke their egos, take them for a ride, add a notch to their belts, and move on. It’s no wonder so many Nice Guys complain about women being horrible, when the so often the kind of woman that gets attracted to them is the lowest form of life…
Self-confident, caring, decent-hearted women find “Nice Guys” to be too clingy, self-abasing, and insecure.
Nice Guys go overboard. They bring roses to a “lets get together for coffee” date. They try to buy her affections with presents and fancy things. They think they know about romance, but their timing is all wrong, and they either come-on too strong, too hard and too fast, OR, they are so shy and unassertive, that they hang around pretending to be “friends”, in the hope that somehow, someway, they will get the courage up to ask her out for a “date”. They are so desperate to please that they put aside their own needs, and place the object of their desire on a pedestal. Instead of appreciating her, they worship her. We are only human, and pedestals are narrow, confining places to be — not to mention the fact that we tend to fall off of them.
They cling to her, and want to be “one” with her for fear that if she is out of sight, she may disappear or become attracted to someone else. A Nice Guy often has trouble with emotional intimacy, because he believes that if she learns about the REAL person inside, she will no longer love him.
Nice Guys are always asking HER to make the decisions. They think it’s being equitable, but it puts an unfair burden of responsibility on her, and gives him the opportunity to blame her if the decision was an unwise one.
Nice Guys rarely speak up when something bothers them, and rarely state clearly what it is they want, need and expect. They fear that any kind of conflict might spell the end of the relationship. Instead of compromising and negotiating, they repeatedly “give in”. When she doesn’t appreciate their sacrifice, they will complain that, “Everything I did, I did for her.”, as if this somehow elevates them to the status of martyrs. A woman doesn’t want a martyr. She wants an equal, caring, adult partner.
Nice Guys think that they will never meet anyone as special as she is. They use their adoration as a foundation for claiming that “no one will ever love her as much as I do.” Instead of being a profound statement of their devotion, this is a subtle, but nasty insult. It is akin to saying to her: “You are a difficult person, and only *I* can ever truly love you, so be thankful I’m here.”
The nice guy -needs- to believe that he is the best person for the object of his desires, because otherwise his insecurities will overrun him with jealousies and fear. The truth of the matter is that there are many people out there who can be a good match for her. We rarely stop loving people we truly care about. Even if we no longer continue the relationship, the feelings will continue… But love isn’t mutually exclusive. We can (and do) love many people in our lives, and romantic love is really no different. Though he may love her immensely, there will likely be other people who have loved her just as much in her past, and will love her just as much in the future. The irony of it all is: “Who would want to go out with someone who was inherently unlovable anyways?” More than loving the woman in his life, a Nice Guy NEEDS her. “She is my Life, my only source of happiness…” YECH! What kind of a burden is that to place on her? That SHE has to be responsible for YOUR happiness? Get a grip!
Another mistake Nice Guys make is to go after “hard luck” cases. They deliberately pick women with neuroses, problems, and personality disorders, because Nice Guys are “helpers”. A Nice Guy thinks that by “helping” this woman, it will make him a better, more lovable person. He thinks it will give him a sense of accomplishment, and that she will appreciate and love him more, for all his efforts and sacrifice. He is usually disappointed by the results.
This ultimately boils down to the fact that Nice Guys don’t like themselves. Is it any wonder women don’t like them? In order to truly love someone else, you must first love yourself. Too often Nice Guys mistake obsession for “love”.
You don’t have to be an ego-inflated, arrogant jerk. You just have to LIKE yourself. You have to know what you want out of life, and go after it. Only then will you be attractive to the kind of woman with whom a long-term relationship is possible.

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Older Men with Younger Women is a Good Thing say Reseachers

It turns out that older men chasing younger women contributes to human longevity and the survival of the species, according to new findings by researchers at Stanford and the University of California-Santa Barbara.

Evolutionary theory says that individuals should die of old age when their reproductive lives are complete, generally by age 55 in humans, according to demographer Cedric Puleston, a doctoral candidate in biological sciences at Stanford. But the fatherhood of a small number of older men is enough to postpone the date with death because natural selection fights life-shortening mutations until the species is finished reproducing.

“Rod Stewart and David Letterman having babies in their 50s and 60s provide no benefit for their personal survival, but the pattern [of reproducing at a later age] has an effect on the population as a whole,” Puleston said. “It’s advantageous to the species if these people stick around. By increasing the survival of men you have a spillover effect on women because men pass their genes to children of both sexes.”

“Why Men Matter: Mating Patterns Drive Evolution of Human Lifespan,” was published Aug. 29 in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE. Shripad Tuljapurkar, the Morrison Professor of Population Studies at Stanford; Puleston; and Michael Gurven, an assistant professor of anthropology at UCSB, co-authored the study in an effort to understand why humans don’t die when female reproduction ends.

Human ability to scale the so-called “wall of death”—surviving beyond the reproductive years—has been a center of scientific controversy for more than 50 years, Puleston said. “The central question is: Why should a species that stops reproducing by some age stick around afterward?” he said. “Evolutionary theory predicts that, over time, harmful mutations that decrease survival will arise in the population and will remain invisible to natural selection after reproduction ends.” However, in hunter-gatherer societies, which likely represent early human demographic conditions and mating patterns, one-third of people live beyond 55 years, past the reproductive lifespan for women. Furthermore, life expectancy in today’s industrialized countries is 75 to 85 years, with mortality increasing gradually, not abruptly, following female menopause.

Grandmother hypothesis

In 1966, William Hamilton, a British evolutionary biologist, worked out the mathematics describing the “wall of death.” Since then, the most popular explanation for why humans don’t die by age 55 has been termed the “grandmother hypothesis,” which suggests that women enhance the survival of their children and grandchildren by living long enough to care for them and “increasing the success of their genes,” Puleston said. However, Hamilton’s work has been difficult to express as a mathematical and genetic argument explaining why people live into old age.

Unlike previous research on human reproduction, this study—for the first time—includes data on males, a tweak that allowed the researchers to begin answering the “wall of death” question by matching it to human mortality patterns. According to Puleston, earlier studies looked only at women, because scientists can reproduce good datasets for humans entirely based on information related to female fertility and survival rates.

“Men’s fertility is contingent on women’s fertility—you have to figure out how they match up. We care about reproduction because that is a currency by which force of selection is counted. If we have not accounted for the entire pattern of reproduction, we may be missing something that’s important to evolution.”


Men and longevity

In the paper, the researchers analyzed “a general two-sex model to show that selection favors survival for as long as men reproduce.” The scientists presented a “range of data showing that males much older than 50 years have substantial realized fertility through matings with younger females, a pattern that was likely typical among early humans.” As a result, Puleston said, older male fertility helps to select against damaging cell mutations in humans who have passed the age of female menopause, consequently eliminating the “wall of death.”

“Our analysis shows that old-age male fertility allows evolution to breach Hamilton’s wall of death and predicts a gradual rise in mortality after the age of female menopause without relying on ‘grandmother’ effects or economic optimality,” the researchers say in the paper.

The scientists compiled longevity and fertility data from two hunter-gatherer groups, the Dobe !Kung of the Kalahari and the Ache of Paraguay, one of the most isolated populations in the world. They also looked at the forager-farmer Yanomamo of Brazil and Venezuela, and the Tsimane, an indigenous group in Bolivia. “They’re living a lifestyle that our ancestors lived and their fertility patterns are probably most consistent with our ancestors,” Puleston said about the four groups. The study also looked at several farming villages in Gambia and, for comparison, a group of modern Canadians.

In the less developed, traditional societies, males were as much as 5-to-15 years older than their female partners. In the United States and Europe, the age spread was about two years. “It’s a universal pattern that in typical marriages men are older than women,” Puleston said. “The age gaps vary by culture, but in every group we looked at men start [being reproductive] later. At the end of reproduction, male fertility rates taper off gradually, as opposed to the fairly sharp decline in female fertility by menopause.”

Despite small differences based on marriage traditions, all women and most men in the six groups stopped having children by their 50s, the researchers found. But some men, particularly high-status males, continued to reproduce into their 70s. The paper noted that the age gap is most pronounced in societies that favor polygyny, where a man takes several wives, and in gerontocracies, where older men monopolize access to reproductive women. The authors also cite genetic and anthropological evidence that early humans were probably polygynous as well.

Older male fertility also exists in societies supporting serial monogamy, because men are more likely to remarry than women. “For these reasons, we argue that realized male fertility was substantial at ages well past female menopause for much of human history and the result is reflected in the mortality patterns of modern populations,” the authors say. “We conclude that deleterious mutations acting after the age of female menopause are selected against … solely as a result of the matings between older males and younger females.”

According to Puleston, the “grandmother hypothesis” may be true, but the real pattern of male fertility extends beyond this explanation. “The key question is: Does the population have a greater growth rate if men are reproducing at a later age? The answer is ‘yes.’ The age of last reproduction gets pushed into the 60s and 70s if you add men to the analysis. Hamilton’s approach was right, but in a species where males and females have different reproductive patterns, you need a two-sex model. You can’t correctly estimate the force of selection if you leave men out of the picture. As a man myself, it’s gratifying to know that men do matter.”

Grants from the U.S. National Institute on Aging supported this study.


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(Originally posted in The Attraction Forums 1 Nov, 2010)

Question for BULLET:

I enjoyed your Older Men Younger Women seminar talk at the Love Systems Super Conference Oct 2010 . I also saw you making out with a hottie at Surrender who was at least 10 years younger than you so, I know you actually walk the talk.

I was wondering if you could share some your favorite Attraction material that you use.

Best, Suey

Hi Suey,

Thank you for your question.

Just to let other viewers know where I’m coming from; my name is Bullet , I’m 50 years old, a Love Systems Instructor and I have more hot girls in their 20’s in my life that I can properly deal with.

(BTW That hottie you saw me making out with and later left Surrender with was around 20 years my junior).

Anyway, back to answering your question. The basis of my Older Men Younger Women presentation at the Vegas Superconference is that when you approach a women who is more than 10 years younger than your perceived age, you must not initially display sexual intent. Why? because if I walk up to a much younger girl and immediately say “Hey, I think you’re smoking hot had to come say, Hi” it puts instant pressure on her to judge that you’re perhaps too old for her and with that approach you’ll find that she very often ejects early before I can run my game.
For Older Men Younger Women game a much better option is to become the interesting/ intriguing guy early in the
opening conversation, some sample openers I use are:

“Hey are you from Australia because you look familiar ?” – what this opener does is immediately tell her I’m from Australia (interesting) and we transition into briefly where shes from, then we can run the you have a double in Australia routine, have you been to Australia or do you want to go there, blah blah etc

or lets say your gaming in your own country, then an Older Men Younger Women game opener I got a mature student to use in Vegas was:

“Hi, I just had to come say you look cute / stylish, I don’t believe I’ve met you yet, whats your name?” (notice that the word cute when used here is not in a sexual intent context), then he was to quickly follow with ” You know, ever since I sold my company 2 years ago I can finally enjoy the freedom to travel to fun places like Vegas with my friends, so what occasion are you girls celebrating” – Boom, theres a ton of DHV spikes in that sentence without appearing too try hard. This guy is immediately interesting & high status. Its only after they hook into attraction that we can carefully calibrate sexual intent.

You see most girls lead boring mundane lives, they go to clubs and parties so they can feel like they are held in high esteem with the all the music, peer group interaction, and male attention. Then the next day its back to the real world of surviving financially.
Usually once they get over the age of 25 it starts to dawn on them that the hot outgoing guy they met in the club thats banging them, is in fact banging other hot girls at the same time and life’s going nowhere. Its about this time they start getting more street wise and start looking for a guy who is more interesting and if he appears to travel and have a great life, they really want in on this. And being an older guy its naturally more easy to appear to be of assumed higher status when you structure your conversation to reflect this from the get go – this is the basis of Older Men Younger Women game.

I hope this answers and helps.

All the best, cheers, Bullet

Cheers, Jeff ‘Bullet’

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Older Men Younger Women

Date with a much Younger Woman #1 – Braddock Introduction

Today is a special treat. For you guys that don’t know, Bullet is one of our newest instructors. He is someone I consider a good friend and mentor. One of the things I love about Bullet is the fact that he has never let his age be a limitation or an excuse. He is twice my age and dates equally if not hotter girls than I do with ease. He has helped me on several workshops and we click well together because we have a very similar style and outlook on life. Bullet is one of those guys you say, “Damn…I hope I’m cool like that when I’m in my 50′s.” He’s in great shape, has an amazing life style, great attitude, stories, and life in general. Couple that with Love Systems training and he’s a nuclear bomb. I get a lot of older guys on workshops who say, “Yeah, you can do that because you are 28 and you have XYZ going for you.” I hate that for them, because I feel like they will go the rest of their life believing that. We often need to see a reference experience of someone just like us before we will accept a new paradigm. That’s why I love doing bootcamps with Mr. M and I love when Bullet helps me out. Mr. M is a 5’5″ Asian guy who is not stereotypically good looking who does serious damage and Bullet is a 50+ year old who does as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. They are great testimants to whats possible. There really are no excuses that you can throw at me that are acceptable. I’ve seen guys from every walk of life and with every limitation you can think of do amazing stuff and date amazing women. If you are willing to put in the work, you can get any life style you want. Today, Bullet is writing a guest post and it’s really good. I’ll try to get him to pop in and write one whenever he has time.


Hello it’s Bullet here! My mate Braddock invited me to write a specialist post. So, today I’m going to write about “Gaming a target that is highly selective”. First, a little bit about me; I have the dubious distinction of being Love Systems oldest instructor, currently I’m 50 years old and I’m only into girls that are half my age…and their mothers have a photo of me on their dart board’s to prove it!

I’m writing this post Sunday morning here in Montreal and last night I met up with a girl for a drink, and what happened then is pretty much like most dates I go on as it now feels like that old classic movie ‘Ground Hog Day’, where predictable outcomes often occur when the interaction is managed, here’s what happened:

(i) I first met this girl called Ivona 10 days ago while out bar night gaming with a buddy, she’s a 26 y.o attractive bar tender and it was her night off. After chatting to her I could recognize her character type and that was an attractive girl that gets hit on a lot both in and out of her workplace, I knew this wasn’t going to be a SNL. After about 45 minutes in I felt I had built enough value to ask for her number which she replied that she didn’t give her number out in bars, but she would add me to her Facebook so I gave her my FB name.

(i) Two days later she added me to her Facebook, I sent her a message saying “Was nice to meet u”, which she responded with a longer reply message. There was a few messages going backwards and forwards then she invited me to visit the bar on a Wednesday where she worked and gave her phone number.

(i) I turned up at Ivona’s bar on Wednesday night with a buddy Laurent (who was from last year’s Project Rockstar) who has game. There was only about 30 people in the bar as we we walked in pretending not to notice anyone, just enjoying each other’s company as Ivona bounded over to us and introduced us to the other bar staff, one of the other bar staff was a girl called ‘Shannon’ who was even hotter than Ivona and later I chatted and ran game on her and she was hooking but she had to keep leaving us to do her job. Other girls were hanging around us too, like the singer in the band.

(i) Closing time came at 3am and it was time for Laurent and I to leave the bar, Ivona had to stay at work another 2 hours so an after party was out. Over the course of the next few days, Ivona became more active on my Facebook liking my comments and photos, my Text game then ensued.

(i) Which brings me to the date last night with Ivona. She had to go to work at 9pm so I told her to meet me at a bar that I selected at 7pm, this bar also has a friend of mine working there ‘Biskit‘ who coincidentally is another Love Systems instructor. I introduced her to Biskit when she arrived and our conversation ran through my normal game structure of conversation about my interesting and fun life (without bragging), her telling me what she really wants to do with her life, etc while I injected a bit of humor. In the early part of our conversation I noticed that she couldn’t hold eye contact with me for very long, her eyes darted back and forth when I spoke and her eyes looked straight ahead most of the time when she spoke about many things including going back to studying to gain a profession.

(i) When I asked her if she was seeing anyone she told me that all the Montreal guys she meets usually just want a friend with benefits and she wanted more than that. I said that she should study to become a lawyer that way she can earn a lot of money to support me when we got married, because I’ll also be needing a Canadian passport soon. It was soon 9.15pm and she was late for work so we had a make-out in the bar and also outside the bar as she waited for a taxi, this girl is a definite solid green light until our next encounter but at that moment she was in a hurry to get to work and I was in a hurry, I was late for my 9pm second date with a Russian girl that night I was sleeping with…..that’s another story another time.

Anyway, the above is a typical dating story that I’m sure is familiar to most, but remember the difference here is the 24 year age gap, so what pulled her in? Let’s break down this whole interaction in Dating Science terms that correspond with the above paragraphs to gain an insight and better understanding of what really took place as follows:

(i) Patti Stranger from the TV show “Millionaire Matchmaker” stated quite openly that women sleep with a guy for 2 reasons: 1. She’s drunk. or 2. She wants something from that guy. Ivona here knows she can have sex with practically any guy, so these days Ivona is looking for a package of; sex and a meaningful relationship with a guy of perceived high value. Facebook is her initial means of filtering guys plus she took her time to make sure I wasn’t a tourist.

(i) I have 2 Facebook pages, one is pure Game Coach, the other is a page dedicated to ‘Building My Value’ with photos of my travels, friends, video of my farm in Australia, etc that showcase my ‘interesting’ single life. No photos of makeouts. This Facebook page is fantastic and works 24/7 in building & cementing my value with girls that take time, any girls that are relatively fast pulls and I achieve my desired result quickly don’t get added to my Facebook. Ivona saw evidence that I was of value to her and single and not needy in my opening text, hence her ‘wordy’ text replies.

(i) If possible have a wing that has ‘Game’, it makes life a lot easier. With Ivona enthusiastically introducing us to other staff we “Inherit Her Value’, meaning her colleagues automatically see us as people of value when introduced. We’re now one of the ‘Cool People’ in the bar and others can see that. When that happens properly you often then see a lot of females will show interest in you. I will run game on these other women and this will cause attraction to spike in my target (Ivona) as these women are now seen to be pursuing ‘her’ man, but very careful not to kino these other women, if you start kino’ing other women that are not your target at this point you will just look sleazy to them all and female interest in you will plummet. Realize that if you do come across another woman that you like better, then you’re playing 100% win / loss and starting at the very beginning with zero value and working up again.

(i) It’s important to remember that when it comes to attractive girls there is the Rule of 25. That is girl’s under 25 years old are usually immature and therefore respond well to attraction based Routines which are Routines that spike her conscious mind in conversation or by physically picking them up, anything that get’s her little heart racing is good. However girls usually start to mature after 25, and that is they start to want more from life than having sex with cute guys from clubs. Physically picking up and spinning around a 30 year old female lawyer is not often a good move. Women from this age are more interested in social climbing with an interesting / intriguing man, this female desire dove tails perfectly into my game that I’ve structured to suit this trait.

(i) My bar is selected because it has atmosphere, energy, and the music not too loud so every word can be heard, and most importantly my friend Biskit is there adding to my value as well. Never let the woman plan the date, it will be a game disaster for sure. As you can see this whole interaction I’ve choreographed & controlled from the very beginning little to her knowledge. This whole process has been building my value in her mind every step of the way and she is starting to feel she’s being swept off her feet. I can tell this as she has trouble keeping eye contact when we first meet, she’s now emotionally involved and feels & acts nervous around me and that’s a fantastic IOI, I’m reveling in it!

(i) Her defenses are completely down now and I’m hitting a whole bunch of her attraction switches now in conversation, showcasing my life, qualifying, being challenging, releasing tension with humor, etc. Ivona left our date begrudgingly and on a high, turning up for work 30 minutes late was evidence that the emotional progression model is working.

More another time, until then all the best, cheers, Jeff ‘Bullet’ and thank you Braddock.

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Does Game Really Work…or was She just Naturally Attracted to Me?

Post no. 1

3 June, 2010

I’ve been around for a while and I’ve picked up girls long before I became aware of gaming techniques to seduce women. I, like you in the beginning of learning about game read a lot about seduction techniques and routines found freely on the internet and tried a few out to gauge the response with women. In those early gaming days when I got a favourable interaction with a woman I would ask myself afterwards; was it the canned material or was she naturally into me?

The resounding answer came to me after I travelled from Australia to attend my very first Bootcamp in LA. Now this particular weekend Bootcamp was run by another major dating science company (not Love Systems) and their instructors would just teach you a whole bunch of canned material and routines and you then went infield that night by yourself, tested it out on sets, then had a debrief with their instructors the next day – its hard to believe that there are dating science companies that still do this. Just a side note here; Love Systems instructors always accompany you infield, which is one of the reasons why I chose LS to be an instructor, they’re by far the world leader in the dating science industry.

Anyway back to my story, that Saturday night Brendon (a cool newbie wing I met at the Bootcamp) and I went to a bar in West Hollywood to test the game techniques learned that day. We actually got to the bar too early and there were only a few other guys in the bar so we ordered food and relaxed with a drink, it wasn’t long before a smoking hot 3 set walked in and strode up to the bar beside us to order their drinks. That’s when we attacked, we were ready and well drilled in our canned material and we launched into our opinion openers and basic attraction building routines that we’d spent hours rehearsing. The girl I isolated was Samantha, a 27 year old national marketing manager for a US major chain, she was extremely bright as well as beautiful.
I was just running 100% pure game with Samantha, even the stories I was using were all fake, none of the anecdotes in my conversation with this intelligent 9 hottie were my own.
After an hour of gaming Samantha I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back Brendon learned over to me and whispered, “She said you are the most interesting guy she’s ever met”. What a bittersweet feeling that was! To think that on one hand here was independent validation that these techniques worked, then on the other hand a realization that my past method of bar conversation was less interesting than pure fiction game techniques. As the night wore on I could she was really getting attracted to me, she told me she had a boyfriend but that didn’t stop her having a mad make out with me and wanting my phone number.
Fast forward to today with more experience my best game is now a mixture of game and my own select personal anecdotes.

In the beginning of learning about game, we all tend to overdo the routines and that is to just keep stacking routine on top of routine, but that’s OK because we’re learning from that experience, this is the best way to learn what works in progressing towards our objective and what doesn’t.
Ultimately the purpose of game is to use techniques and routines that get her into you, we then transition into showcasing your personality so that she can see you as an interesting three-dimensional man.

Over the years I’ve tried many gaming techniques and many dating coaches will tell you that your game actually gets worse before it gets better, why is that? Its because you should be trying different things, some things you think may not work do work surprisingly well, and vice versa. I can tell you that negging and being overly cocky funny is not successful as some would have you believe, being a constant smart ass won’t get you laid with a quality woman, instead you just wind up looking like a one-dimensional wise cracking dude. Believe me I know, I’m naturally a smart ass and I have to work in toning that down in my game when I go out to pick up hot girls.

It was only after I tried many pick up routines and strategies that I started to find my recipe for success, one thing that every guy needs to do is get feedback from the girl (at a much later appropriate point). Often after I had closed a girl that I had picked up, I would ask ‘When did you realise that you were attracted to me’, and they would say things like, “While you were talking to me and you just drew me into you like a magnet”, or “There was something about your energy that just pulled me into you”. When you start getting that type of feedback you can feel good that you’ve graduated with PUA honors.

The key to picking up hot girls is to understand that your interaction with her is an emotional progression, it starts with opening, transitions into attraction building material, then qualification, then an energy shift into comfort and seduction.

In conjunction with the emotional progression we also need to understand that while you are interacting with her she has eight attraction switches and finding which one or more of these switches sparks her heightened attraction is a fun game to play.
Those 8 attraction switches are you being observed by her to be; Confident, Challenging, Pre-selected, Socially Intuitive, Status, Healthy, Humorous, and Financially OK.

Savoy, the originator of Love Systems wrote a comprehensive inexpensive book called Magic Bullets, which covers emotional progression and her attraction switches and much more in detail in its 325 pages. If you’re not ready for a Bootcamp yet and still reading about game, then I highly recommend that you read that book. In fact if you just read one book on game then it would be this one.

Its important to note that for guys dedicated to getting good at picking up women there will come a point in time where they have increased their pick up success rates exponentially but then can’t seem to make future improvements to their pick up ratio to close every girl they want.
Which brings me to dispel another falsehood that has been bandied about over the years, and that is the claimed success ratio that you can expect to have with girls when you get really good at game. I want to state categorically that it’s false to believe that you can walk into a bar select a girl and close her 95% of the time.

The truth is that it’s a third; that is a third of all girls you meet you can get them really into you. Another third of girls you meet just can’t relate to you or you to them, the remaining third of girls just aren’t into you for whatever reason like; just out of a LTR, lesbian, emotionally damaged, obsessed with some other guy, etc. Good game is all about having the consciousness to see and explore opportunities and to also avoid the dead ends.

I know quite a few guys out there who get a little material on pickup, use it and think they are reasonable pickup artists but their results usually speak for themselves. Its like the old analogy of a blind man walking in the jungle feeling an elephants leg and declaring it a tree, those guys just don’t know what they’re missing on how to become really good.

If I could suggest and easy two part process to become better at picking up women it would be this: Read Magic Bullets and highlight all the most valuable passages with a highlight pen as you read it, then go back and reread your highlighted paragraphs again and again.
Then go out and try your Magic Bullets book material on girls. Don’t expect to become a fantastic pickup artist immediately, just observe her interest in you early in the interaction which should be better than before if you’re doing it right. You’ll notice I said ‘her interest in you early in the interaction’, that’s because her attraction will fade if you just get stuck in the first few emotional progression steps.

That should be all the evidence you need that Love Systems works and you are ready to step up to take your game to the ultimate level and do infield training at a Love Systems Bootcamp or one on one personal training with a Love Systems instructor like myself.

To go to the next level in picking up your target will require you to get the acquired skills to learn to shift the energy into comfort and seduction, this has to be taught personally at a Bootcamp by instructors as we are trained in seeing students sticking points that a student is quite often unaware of.
I’ve coached on many Love Systems Bootcamps and it always surprises me the number of guys who don’t take notes on a Bootcamp. At these Bootcamps you will get an absolute ton of fantastic information that has been tried and tested over the years and no one’s memory is that good to remember even a fraction of it.

The guys who get really good at game are ferocious note takers. They write down everything, try everything and then record what works best for them. To get the absolute most from a Love Systems Bootcamp I highly recommend recording everything with notes both in-class and infield.

My personal mission as a pick up coach is to help put guys on the fast track to picking up hot women and to avoid the pitfalls of time wasting mistakes and misinformation that was a trap for me when I was a new player.
My motto is: Good Game means you’ll have better-looking children.

The reason why my pickup name is Bullet, is because I’m no nonsense and to the point, to the truth of the matter….so stay tuned folks for more useful blogs from me.

And most importantly, I’m just about to start teaching 6 newbie guys to be PUA’s over six weeks full time starting on June 14 in London, then Stockholm in July. We will be posting regular video film clips of all the seduction gaming action with those guys on Facebook: Project Rockstar, so become a fan.

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Cheers, Bullet