50 year old Bullet Bangs Playmate from Playboy Mansion Party

The euphoria started when I first received the email from Savoy that I had been chosen to be one of a few instructors to teach at the Love Systems Playboy Mansion bootcamp. Even though I’m 50 years old I remember watching TV programs as far back as 25 years ago about Hef’s Playboy Mansion and was envious at what a perfect lifestyle that seemed to be and I would have given my left nut back then to be apart of that lifestyle.

The Saturday night of the Playboy Mansion party soon came around only to find me waking that morning feeling off with aches and pains all over my body, I had been partying a little too hard lately with Future and was coming down with the flu and was feeling like shit, but nothing was going to stop me getting to that party.

Upon arrival at the party I downed 2 Vodka Redbulls and that put me in a more positive state, I was now in the right positive frame with my game and there was loads of 9’s and 10’s everywhere at the party. Sterling a new junior coach came over to me and said look, holding his hand out “I’m shaking”, so was his level of excitement, I could feel it too.

I spotted a hot blonde girl at the bar (one of many) and went over and opened and started gaming, to protect her identity lets call her Barbie here (the photo of her is real), Barbie was in her 20‘s and had appeared in Playboy a few years earlier but now had a real job. Barbie also had a friend at the party who was her former modeling manager we’ll call her Pricilla, and Pricilla was getting drunk off her ass on champagne. Champagne is either a game friend or foe as it gets chicks drunk quickly, in this case it would prove to be my foe. I ran my game and quickly transitioned into role play mode telling Barbie we’re getting engaged, then getting married, then getting a divorce, etc.
Barbie was fun with an outgoing personality so I got attraction from her spiking really quickly, Priscilla liked me too, I ran a few game stories about myself that I have that are humorous, spike my value, and are under the bragging radar as you have to do that when gaming a woman half your age.

Barbie was really getting into it and we started making out at the bar while her drunk friend was distracted. I then tried to move Barbie to get her to show me the Mansion mini-zoo which is hidden amongst trees to try and isolate her in the gardens to have sex but she was too concerned about leaving her drunk friend, by now I had number closed Barbie and she said she had to accompany Pricilla to the bathroom.

They both left for the bathroom with Barbie saying ‘See you soon honey”, I kept an eye out as I waited around the bar for Barbie’s return but after fifteen minutes it was obvious she was never coming back.

I texted Barbie “Hey Wifey, u left me at the bar 🙁 and I received no response, so I looked for my next target and found another young blonde hottie called Andie a hair stylist from LA, wearing lingerie at the party with a smoking hot body, I ran my usual game template and she was hooking until someone offered her Cocaine, I don’t do that shit so she & her friend went off to do lines and I never saw them again after that, but I had Andie’s number.

It was now 1.00am and the party was rapidly petering out, I went back to the bar where the Love Systems coaches were centralized and they were all in set. The was only one girl available, so I approached her and ran game, she had an athletic body but her face was a 7 and she was about to leave on the Mansion shuttle bus to the taxi rank, so I joined her. While we talked in the shuttle bus line some AFC guy who must have been gaming her earlier came over and started reinitiating conversation with her, I’m equipped to deal with this so I ran a few routines that got her laughing and I could tell this guy was getting shut down and pissed, just as we were boarding the bus he jumps ahead in the line and sits next to her on the bus, so I sit at the back of the bus. We arrive at the taxi rank and I get off and see looks over to me so I reinitiate my conversation with her and she’s into it so I’m kino’ing holding her hand lightly with her smiling sweetly then AFC guy who’s standing about 10 feet away talking to someone see’s whats going on and immediately charges over and takes my head in both his hands and jerks me in his direction. As an instinct I torqued my body off my right foot rotating to the left and punched him with a right cross straight on his jaw and he staggered back a few feet with shock and surprise on his face. I want to make it clear that I don’t condone violence for a second and its best to avoid a physical altercation at all costs. However in this case this guy really overstepped the mark, I have a background in MMA fighting and BJJ however thats no excuse and I should have kept calm. It also blew the set, because as I hit this guy I heard my target exclaim “Oh, fuck”, and she retreated instantly far away from me and the ugly scene.

I decided to get out of there asap as it was a volatile situation and you never know what’s going to happen as opponents reinforcements can be summonsed, so I walked to the main road and a taxi pulls over to the curb ahead of me and it’s Mr M & Future in a taxi leaving the Mansion beckoning me to get in as luck would have it, we then drive back to the Comfort Inn recounting our nights adventures.

I woke early Sunday at 7.30am in my hotel room feeling totally shit now, the flu symptoms had accelerated during the night with the alcohol consumption and I was running a fever, I checked my phone for any messages from Barbie, but nothing. I texting her again mindful that I was flying back to New York that afternoon so I really had to push my game to find I had no phone credit, so I walked across the road to the 7 Eleven and bought $20 phone credit and went back to the room and tried texting again but to no avail, then called the phone company and found the plan that I had signed up for a month earlier required minimum credit of $50 a month.
So back across the road to purchase more credit and a breakfast corn dog and voila my phones working but its 8.45am by now and the window of time I have to work with is rapidly diminishing, after I install the credit I receive a text from Barbie saying that she had to leave early because Pricilla’s boyfriend was at the party and got pissed at Priscilla and Barbie for having a party make out, so they had a fight. (The Playboy Mansion party is always a highly sexually charged environment).

She also mentioned she was staying at the Beverley Hills Hotel so I tried to accelerate a meet-up due to the small window of time I was working with and suggested that I come to her hotel and we have breakfast together there. Her text response was that she was in the hotel lobby checking out already. Damn I thought.

Barbie lived at Laguna so I knew she could drive by near my hotel so I texted her again that we have breakfast at my hotel, this was always going to be a long shot asking a girl to come to your hotel.

Then no response from her, I let 15 minutes go by and this was my last chance, so I called her. I’ve been told a few times from LA girls that they dig my voice, my Australian accent that morning had been supercharged by the after effects of alcohol and flu making my voice sound like an Australian Barry White. I already knew my call would go to her voice mailbox as hot girls tend to frequently do that, so I said; “Hi Barbie, you probably don’t remember us in Vegas last night, just want to know if you’re having breakfast with your new husband”, text me or call me back, bye”. Using my rich voice with appropriate pauses for maximum pure testosterone effect.
The result was immediate, she called within 5 minutes of my voice message and our breakfast meet was agreed to be at my hotel 15 minutes later, I get a text from her soon saying she was in my hotel car park. I go downstairs to meet her, suppressing my excitement I hugged her briefly then cooly said I had forgotten my wallet so she walked with me to my hotel room. Once inside my hotel room, I looked at her and said; ‘We haven’t said hello properly have we”, so we made out passionately and I soon put my hand up her short dress and found she had no underwear and she arched her body into me as I touched her pussy, I knew for sure now this was on, we had sex with her making a lot of loud ohh’s and ahh’s as these hot LA women tend to do.

This account of events is more than a sex story, most importantly lets look at the underlying message from what we can all learn from this, what this story demonstrates is the underlying philosophy that game is a logical process in a moving dynamic, as you become more skilled in game you begin to see directions to take given limited opportunities and time, some work out and some don’t and try not to let your emotion creep in, play the cards as they are dealt and make decisions based on the best tactical move for you at the time and don’t become emotionally dependent on outcomes. In this case there was a series of set backs however staying the path proved victorious in the long run by taking one step at a time. And the fundamental of that path of everyone’s game should be to get their target comfortable and in isolation with you as soon as possible without appearing needy or making her feel awkward.

I get asked will I see this girl again, my answer is maybe on the basis if the logistics suit me. When I worked with Neil Strauss some years ago he used to say that banging 9’s & 10’s was just a means of validation to ourselves of who we believe we are. I tend to agree with that theory as most 9’s & 10’s while fun to have sex with will often make the worst long-term girlfriends as they’ve had AFC guys spoiling them rotten and they get worse as they get older, try asking them to make you dinner (things you like to eat) or iron your shirt on a regular basis when there’s no pot of gold in it for them and you’ll understand what I mean here. They make better friends with benefits if you can swing it.

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All the best, cheers, Bullet

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