Attraction, Time Decay & Facebook

One of the beauties of learning game is that as your competency improves, what used to appear to me as a whole bunch of random illogical behavior patterns that women put guys through has now become often predictable, what that means is I can see a simple more broad picture why a woman does and says certain things and consequently I have automatic responses to glean the best from those interactions.

In other words, the skill of Gaming Females is taking a girls interaction with you which appears to the masses as a moving ‘Dynamic’, however the skilled player can start to view the interaction as a ‘Static’ freeze-frame and can skillfully guide the interaction without the mental effort of game newby’s. This will free up your mental space to try out new game conversation gambits.

To progress your game further you need to honestly recognize where you’re at now as far as game goes.  Guys gaming in conversation with a woman fall into two broad areas::

1. She’s into you and I’m gaming her in a way so I don’t fuck this up style. (Beginner to Intermediate).

2. She’s not that into you yet but you know what you’re doing and you game to get her interested in you and then turn things sexual, later she’s surprised at her self for having sex with you. (Advanced).

Ok, you’ve met a girl in a bar and you’ve built attraction and for whatever reason she can’t come home with you, so you get her phone number and she leaves….the clock now starts ticking, your time is limited. Think of building attraction with her is like blowing air into a balloon…a balloon that is leaking! Unless you’ve had sex with this girl more than six times her attraction for you is usually waning (I’m talking a hot girl of high value here) during the time that you don’t see her.

Time Decay
The Player’s objective here is to see this girl as soon as possible to try to progress matters sexually with her before too much air is lost from your attraction balloon….and you have to do this without appearing pushy or needy, this takes game skill.

The longer time goes on after Day or Night gaming a girl the likelihood of meeting up with her usually decreases proportionately over time.

A lot of guys fall into the trap of constantly adding women to their Facebook and messaging them but that can be as far as it goes. Its important to understand that women will add just about anyone to their Facebook, particularly guys to give themselves Validation and boost their ego with a public display that they have Orbiters and often love directionless unimportant communication.

Facebook is a tool that the player uses to raise his value while he parks his target when logistics mean’t that he couldn’t have sex with her (assuming that she was unattached).  However, once again we have Time Decay working against your game here and you’ll need to act reasonably quickly to meet her again to progress things sexually.

With my job as a Love Systems Instructor I get to travel overseas a lot and therefore meet ladies in different countries. Therefore have become reasonably skilled at the Facebook game, I can tell by the content and speed of a girls FB message the level of attraction she has for me, and I also can see it wane with time, If I suspect her level of attraction isn’t sufficient I’ll even suggest a meet-up with her to test the level of attraction even though I may be in another country and can’t possibly see her, just so I can gauge her response to determine if I keep or delete her from my Facebook.

And I suggest that you need to do that as well. If you feel some girls on your Facebook are wasting your time & space then I suggest you delete them and stop allowing yourself to be used as validation for a females ego. It’ll also help you’re Inner Game as well by not having constant news feed reminders of girls you’ve missed out on.

With skilled game it means that you’ll have a constant stream of women coming into your life and thats enough to handle in itself.

But most importantly, the two most precious things you need to appreciate in your life are Time and your Health and don’t waste a precious ounce of either of them, so use your time wisely.

Just thought I would throw this in as well…I’ve taught hundreds of students on Bootcamps now and I’ve found that 80% of my students game problems are related to either poor posture, speech patterns or body language and it always comes as a surprise to the student when I help them correct their speech / body language as they were never aware they had a problem before, therefore I’ve concluded that game students who don’t work with good coaches personally are wasting their time by only just reading about game. Remember practice does not make perfect…practice with corrections makes perfect!  Best, Bullet

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