Date with a much Younger Woman #1 – Braddock Introduction

Today is a special treat. For you guys that don’t know, Bullet is one of our newest instructors. He is someone I consider a good friend and mentor. One of the things I love about Bullet is the fact that he has never let his age be a limitation or an excuse. He is twice my age and dates equally if not hotter girls than I do with ease. He has helped me on several workshops and we click well together because we have a very similar style and outlook on life. Bullet is one of those guys you say, “Damn…I hope I’m cool like that when I’m in my 50′s.” He’s in great shape, has an amazing life style, great attitude, stories, and life in general. Couple that with Love Systems training and he’s a nuclear bomb. I get a lot of older guys on workshops who say, “Yeah, you can do that because you are 28 and you have XYZ going for you.” I hate that for them, because I feel like they will go the rest of their life believing that. We often need to see a reference experience of someone just like us before we will accept a new paradigm. That’s why I love doing bootcamps with Mr. M and I love when Bullet helps me out. Mr. M is a 5’5″ Asian guy who is not stereotypically good looking who does serious damage and Bullet is a 50+ year old who does as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. They are great testimants to whats possible. There really are no excuses that you can throw at me that are acceptable. I’ve seen guys from every walk of life and with every limitation you can think of do amazing stuff and date amazing women. If you are willing to put in the work, you can get any life style you want. Today, Bullet is writing a guest post and it’s really good. I’ll try to get him to pop in and write one whenever he has time.


Hello it’s Bullet here! My mate Braddock invited me to write a specialist post. So, today I’m going to write about “Gaming a target that is highly selective”. First, a little bit about me; I have the dubious distinction of being Love Systems oldest instructor, currently I’m 50 years old and I’m only into girls that are half my age…and their mothers have a photo of me on their dart board’s to prove it!

I’m writing this post Sunday morning here in Montreal and last night I met up with a girl for a drink, and what happened then is pretty much like most dates I go on as it now feels like that old classic movie ‘Ground Hog Day’, where predictable outcomes often occur when the interaction is managed, here’s what happened:

(i) I first met this girl called Ivona 10 days ago while out bar night gaming with a buddy, she’s a 26 y.o attractive bar tender and it was her night off. After chatting to her I could recognize her character type and that was an attractive girl that gets hit on a lot both in and out of her workplace, I knew this wasn’t going to be a SNL. After about 45 minutes in I felt I had built enough value to ask for her number which she replied that she didn’t give her number out in bars, but she would add me to her Facebook so I gave her my FB name.

(i) Two days later she added me to her Facebook, I sent her a message saying “Was nice to meet u”, which she responded with a longer reply message. There was a few messages going backwards and forwards then she invited me to visit the bar on a Wednesday where she worked and gave her phone number.

(i) I turned up at Ivona’s bar on Wednesday night with a buddy Laurent (who was from last year’s Project Rockstar) who has game. There was only about 30 people in the bar as we we walked in pretending not to notice anyone, just enjoying each other’s company as Ivona bounded over to us and introduced us to the other bar staff, one of the other bar staff was a girl called ‘Shannon’ who was even hotter than Ivona and later I chatted and ran game on her and she was hooking but she had to keep leaving us to do her job. Other girls were hanging around us too, like the singer in the band.

(i) Closing time came at 3am and it was time for Laurent and I to leave the bar, Ivona had to stay at work another 2 hours so an after party was out. Over the course of the next few days, Ivona became more active on my Facebook liking my comments and photos, my Text game then ensued.

(i) Which brings me to the date last night with Ivona. She had to go to work at 9pm so I told her to meet me at a bar that I selected at 7pm, this bar also has a friend of mine working there ‘Biskit‘ who coincidentally is another Love Systems instructor. I introduced her to Biskit when she arrived and our conversation ran through my normal game structure of conversation about my interesting and fun life (without bragging), her telling me what she really wants to do with her life, etc while I injected a bit of humor. In the early part of our conversation I noticed that she couldn’t hold eye contact with me for very long, her eyes darted back and forth when I spoke and her eyes looked straight ahead most of the time when she spoke about many things including going back to studying to gain a profession.

(i) When I asked her if she was seeing anyone she told me that all the Montreal guys she meets usually just want a friend with benefits and she wanted more than that. I said that she should study to become a lawyer that way she can earn a lot of money to support me when we got married, because I’ll also be needing a Canadian passport soon. It was soon 9.15pm and she was late for work so we had a make-out in the bar and also outside the bar as she waited for a taxi, this girl is a definite solid green light until our next encounter but at that moment she was in a hurry to get to work and I was in a hurry, I was late for my 9pm second date with a Russian girl that night I was sleeping with…..that’s another story another time.

Anyway, the above is a typical dating story that I’m sure is familiar to most, but remember the difference here is the 24 year age gap, so what pulled her in? Let’s break down this whole interaction in Dating Science terms that correspond with the above paragraphs to gain an insight and better understanding of what really took place as follows:

(i) Patti Stranger from the TV show “Millionaire Matchmaker” stated quite openly that women sleep with a guy for 2 reasons: 1. She’s drunk. or 2. She wants something from that guy. Ivona here knows she can have sex with practically any guy, so these days Ivona is looking for a package of; sex and a meaningful relationship with a guy of perceived high value. Facebook is her initial means of filtering guys plus she took her time to make sure I wasn’t a tourist.

(i) I have 2 Facebook pages, one is pure Game Coach, the other is a page dedicated to ‘Building My Value’ with photos of my travels, friends, video of my farm in Australia, etc that showcase my ‘interesting’ single life. No photos of makeouts. This Facebook page is fantastic and works 24/7 in building & cementing my value with girls that take time, any girls that are relatively fast pulls and I achieve my desired result quickly don’t get added to my Facebook. Ivona saw evidence that I was of value to her and single and not needy in my opening text, hence her ‘wordy’ text replies.

(i) If possible have a wing that has ‘Game’, it makes life a lot easier. With Ivona enthusiastically introducing us to other staff we “Inherit Her Value’, meaning her colleagues automatically see us as people of value when introduced. We’re now one of the ‘Cool People’ in the bar and others can see that. When that happens properly you often then see a lot of females will show interest in you. I will run game on these other women and this will cause attraction to spike in my target (Ivona) as these women are now seen to be pursuing ‘her’ man, but very careful not to kino these other women, if you start kino’ing other women that are not your target at this point you will just look sleazy to them all and female interest in you will plummet. Realize that if you do come across another woman that you like better, then you’re playing 100% win / loss and starting at the very beginning with zero value and working up again.

(i) It’s important to remember that when it comes to attractive girls there is the Rule of 25. That is girl’s under 25 years old are usually immature and therefore respond well to attraction based Routines which are Routines that spike her conscious mind in conversation or by physically picking them up, anything that get’s her little heart racing is good. However girls usually start to mature after 25, and that is they start to want more from life than having sex with cute guys from clubs. Physically picking up and spinning around a 30 year old female lawyer is not often a good move. Women from this age are more interested in social climbing with an interesting / intriguing man, this female desire dove tails perfectly into my game that I’ve structured to suit this trait.

(i) My bar is selected because it has atmosphere, energy, and the music not too loud so every word can be heard, and most importantly my friend Biskit is there adding to my value as well. Never let the woman plan the date, it will be a game disaster for sure. As you can see this whole interaction I’ve choreographed & controlled from the very beginning little to her knowledge. This whole process has been building my value in her mind every step of the way and she is starting to feel she’s being swept off her feet. I can tell this as she has trouble keeping eye contact when we first meet, she’s now emotionally involved and feels & acts nervous around me and that’s a fantastic IOI, I’m reveling in it!

(i) Her defenses are completely down now and I’m hitting a whole bunch of her attraction switches now in conversation, showcasing my life, qualifying, being challenging, releasing tension with humor, etc. Ivona left our date begrudgingly and on a high, turning up for work 30 minutes late was evidence that the emotional progression model is working.

More another time, until then all the best, cheers, Jeff ‘Bullet’ and thank you Braddock.

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