Does Game Really Work…or was She just Naturally Attracted to Me?

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3 June, 2010

I’ve been around for a while and I’ve picked up girls long before I became aware of gaming techniques to seduce women. I, like you in the beginning of learning about game read a lot about seduction techniques and routines found freely on the internet and tried a few out to gauge the response with women. In those early gaming days when I got a favourable interaction with a woman I would ask myself afterwards; was it the canned material or was she naturally into me?

The resounding answer came to me after I travelled from Australia to attend my very first Bootcamp in LA. Now this particular weekend Bootcamp was run by another major dating science company (not Love Systems) and their instructors would just teach you a whole bunch of canned material and routines and you then went infield that night by yourself, tested it out on sets, then had a debrief with their instructors the next day – its hard to believe that there are dating science companies that still do this. Just a side note here; Love Systems instructors always accompany you infield, which is one of the reasons why I chose LS to be an instructor, they’re by far the world leader in the dating science industry.

Anyway back to my story, that Saturday night Brendon (a cool newbie wing I met at the Bootcamp) and I went to a bar in West Hollywood to test the game techniques learned that day. We actually got to the bar too early and there were only a few other guys in the bar so we ordered food and relaxed with a drink, it wasn’t long before a smoking hot 3 set walked in and strode up to the bar beside us to order their drinks. That’s when we attacked, we were ready and well drilled in our canned material and we launched into our opinion openers and basic attraction building routines that we’d spent hours rehearsing. The girl I isolated was Samantha, a 27 year old national marketing manager for a US major chain, she was extremely bright as well as beautiful.
I was just running 100% pure game with Samantha, even the stories I was using were all fake, none of the anecdotes in my conversation with this intelligent 9 hottie were my own.
After an hour of gaming Samantha I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back Brendon learned over to me and whispered, “She said you are the most interesting guy she’s ever met”. What a bittersweet feeling that was! To think that on one hand here was independent validation that these techniques worked, then on the other hand a realization that my past method of bar conversation was less interesting than pure fiction game techniques. As the night wore on I could she was really getting attracted to me, she told me she had a boyfriend but that didn’t stop her having a mad make out with me and wanting my phone number.
Fast forward to today with more experience my best game is now a mixture of game and my own select personal anecdotes.

In the beginning of learning about game, we all tend to overdo the routines and that is to just keep stacking routine on top of routine, but that’s OK because we’re learning from that experience, this is the best way to learn what works in progressing towards our objective and what doesn’t.
Ultimately the purpose of game is to use techniques and routines that get her into you, we then transition into showcasing your personality so that she can see you as an interesting three-dimensional man.

Over the years I’ve tried many gaming techniques and many dating coaches will tell you that your game actually gets worse before it gets better, why is that? Its because you should be trying different things, some things you think may not work do work surprisingly well, and vice versa. I can tell you that negging and being overly cocky funny is not successful as some would have you believe, being a constant smart ass won’t get you laid with a quality woman, instead you just wind up looking like a one-dimensional wise cracking dude. Believe me I know, I’m naturally a smart ass and I have to work in toning that down in my game when I go out to pick up hot girls.

It was only after I tried many pick up routines and strategies that I started to find my recipe for success, one thing that every guy needs to do is get feedback from the girl (at a much later appropriate point). Often after I had closed a girl that I had picked up, I would ask ‘When did you realise that you were attracted to me’, and they would say things like, “While you were talking to me and you just drew me into you like a magnet”, or “There was something about your energy that just pulled me into you”. When you start getting that type of feedback you can feel good that you’ve graduated with PUA honors.

The key to picking up hot girls is to understand that your interaction with her is an emotional progression, it starts with opening, transitions into attraction building material, then qualification, then an energy shift into comfort and seduction.

In conjunction with the emotional progression we also need to understand that while you are interacting with her she has eight attraction switches and finding which one or more of these switches sparks her heightened attraction is a fun game to play.
Those 8 attraction switches are you being observed by her to be; Confident, Challenging, Pre-selected, Socially Intuitive, Status, Healthy, Humorous, and Financially OK.

Savoy, the originator of Love Systems wrote a comprehensive inexpensive book called Magic Bullets, which covers emotional progression and her attraction switches and much more in detail in its 325 pages. If you’re not ready for a Bootcamp yet and still reading about game, then I highly recommend that you read that book. In fact if you just read one book on game then it would be this one.

Its important to note that for guys dedicated to getting good at picking up women there will come a point in time where they have increased their pick up success rates exponentially but then can’t seem to make future improvements to their pick up ratio to close every girl they want.
Which brings me to dispel another falsehood that has been bandied about over the years, and that is the claimed success ratio that you can expect to have with girls when you get really good at game. I want to state categorically that it’s false to believe that you can walk into a bar select a girl and close her 95% of the time.

The truth is that it’s a third; that is a third of all girls you meet you can get them really into you. Another third of girls you meet just can’t relate to you or you to them, the remaining third of girls just aren’t into you for whatever reason like; just out of a LTR, lesbian, emotionally damaged, obsessed with some other guy, etc. Good game is all about having the consciousness to see and explore opportunities and to also avoid the dead ends.

I know quite a few guys out there who get a little material on pickup, use it and think they are reasonable pickup artists but their results usually speak for themselves. Its like the old analogy of a blind man walking in the jungle feeling an elephants leg and declaring it a tree, those guys just don’t know what they’re missing on how to become really good.

If I could suggest and easy two part process to become better at picking up women it would be this: Read Magic Bullets and highlight all the most valuable passages with a highlight pen as you read it, then go back and reread your highlighted paragraphs again and again.
Then go out and try your Magic Bullets book material on girls. Don’t expect to become a fantastic pickup artist immediately, just observe her interest in you early in the interaction which should be better than before if you’re doing it right. You’ll notice I said ‘her interest in you early in the interaction’, that’s because her attraction will fade if you just get stuck in the first few emotional progression steps.

That should be all the evidence you need that Love Systems works and you are ready to step up to take your game to the ultimate level and do infield training at a Love Systems Bootcamp or one on one personal training with a Love Systems instructor like myself.

To go to the next level in picking up your target will require you to get the acquired skills to learn to shift the energy into comfort and seduction, this has to be taught personally at a Bootcamp by instructors as we are trained in seeing students sticking points that a student is quite often unaware of.
I’ve coached on many Love Systems Bootcamps and it always surprises me the number of guys who don’t take notes on a Bootcamp. At these Bootcamps you will get an absolute ton of fantastic information that has been tried and tested over the years and no one’s memory is that good to remember even a fraction of it.

The guys who get really good at game are ferocious note takers. They write down everything, try everything and then record what works best for them. To get the absolute most from a Love Systems Bootcamp I highly recommend recording everything with notes both in-class and infield.

My personal mission as a pick up coach is to help put guys on the fast track to picking up hot women and to avoid the pitfalls of time wasting mistakes and misinformation that was a trap for me when I was a new player.
My motto is: Good Game means you’ll have better-looking children.

The reason why my pickup name is Bullet, is because I’m no nonsense and to the point, to the truth of the matter….so stay tuned folks for more useful blogs from me.

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