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(Originally posted in The Attraction Forums 1 Nov, 2010)

Question for BULLET:

I enjoyed your Older Men Younger Women seminar talk at the Love Systems Super Conference Oct 2010 . I also saw you making out with a hottie at Surrender who was at least 10 years younger than you so, I know you actually walk the talk.

I was wondering if you could share some your favorite Attraction material that you use.

Best, Suey

Hi Suey,

Thank you for your question.

Just to let other viewers know where I’m coming from; my name is Bullet , I’m 50 years old, a Love Systems Instructor and I have more hot girls in their 20’s in my life that I can properly deal with.

(BTW That hottie you saw me making out with and later left Surrender with was around 20 years my junior).

Anyway, back to answering your question. The basis of my Older Men Younger Women presentation at the Vegas Superconference is that when you approach a women who is more than 10 years younger than your perceived age, you must not initially display sexual intent. Why? because if I walk up to a much younger girl and immediately say “Hey, I think you’re smoking hot had to come say, Hi” it puts instant pressure on her to judge that you’re perhaps too old for her and with that approach you’ll find that she very often ejects early before I can run my game.
For Older Men Younger Women game a much better option is to become the interesting/ intriguing guy early in the
opening conversation, some sample openers I use are:

“Hey are you from Australia because you look familiar ?” – what this opener does is immediately tell her I’m from Australia (interesting) and we transition into briefly where shes from, then we can run the you have a double in Australia routine, have you been to Australia or do you want to go there, blah blah etc

or lets say your gaming in your own country, then an Older Men Younger Women game opener I got a mature student to use in Vegas was:

“Hi, I just had to come say you look cute / stylish, I don’t believe I’ve met you yet, whats your name?” (notice that the word cute when used here is not in a sexual intent context), then he was to quickly follow with ” You know, ever since I sold my company 2 years ago I can finally enjoy the freedom to travel to fun places like Vegas with my friends, so what occasion are you girls celebrating” – Boom, theres a ton of DHV spikes in that sentence without appearing too try hard. This guy is immediately interesting & high status. Its only after they hook into attraction that we can carefully calibrate sexual intent.

You see most girls lead boring mundane lives, they go to clubs and parties so they can feel like they are held in high esteem with the all the music, peer group interaction, and male attention. Then the next day its back to the real world of surviving financially.
Usually once they get over the age of 25 it starts to dawn on them that the hot outgoing guy they met in the club thats banging them, is in fact banging other hot girls at the same time and life’s going nowhere. Its about this time they start getting more street wise and start looking for a guy who is more interesting and if he appears to travel and have a great life, they really want in on this. And being an older guy its naturally more easy to appear to be of assumed higher status when you structure your conversation to reflect this from the get go – this is the basis of Older Men Younger Women game.

I hope this answers and helps.

All the best, cheers, Bullet

Cheers, Jeff ‘Bullet’

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