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I like to keep in touch with my past students and take an interest in hearing how they are going.
The following is a transcript of recent email communications I’ve had with student Bruscki. He’s 53, successful in business and tried Online Dating to pick up younger women as he has a busy life, our conversations are as follow:

Hey Bullet,
My life is “challenged” in many ways at the moment but hopefully that will get better in the next couple of months.
Still practicing, not as much as I should, getting nowhere with my Online email game.  Still reading the text game book.  Trying to overcome my own internal resistance.
How’s by you?


Hi Bruscki,
Great to hear you working on overcoming your internal resistance, that’s really what every guy needs to realize. My favorite quote out of Lance’s Armstrong’s bike book was this: “Pain is temporary, it may take a minute, or an hour, or a year, but it will eventually subside and something else will take its place. If I quit however it lasts forever. That surrender, even the smallest act of giving up stays with me. There is a point in every race when a rider encounters his real opponent and understand that it’s himself”. Great words Lance – because with change comes pain.

I’ve been back in Australia now for a month and I’ve had to start gaming here at point zero devoid of remaining friends with benefits. I tried Online Dating as soon as I arrived but have found it to be far inferior to day & night game. I think theres a lot of girls out there that get a self esteem boost with 8+ guys emailing her, and if attractive become evasive to pin down for an actual date. While Online dating is supposed to be more time effective, I found the reverse that it wasn’t – a majority of women I did meet in person were older/fatter than their profile picture therefore a waste of my valuable time. While internet dating can serve as a backup plan, everyone’s most consistant best results will always come from Day & Night game, I’ve seen the results there time & time again.
Of course nothing every runs perfectly to plan, I initially had a bunch of dates here from day & night game, at first a few chicks were giving me the run around plus LMR which can be frustrating when you’ve just arrived in town and only got 1 or 2 numbers to play with, but don’t allow that feeling to take hold, its just a mathematical numbers game, get more numbers and run my game template and escalate like a mother fucker when she hooks and is alone with you and eventually you start banging chicks, its taken a month now and I’m well on my way to rebuilding my stable, now I can ease off gaming as much. Its that simple.
I leave here in 3 weeks for NYC, if you’re ever in town let me know.

Cheers, Bullet

Hi Bullet,
Wise words my friend.  And timely.  I will take your advice although day and night game are much more stringent teachers.  I think it was easier to fool myself that I was making progress with the internet.
Back to basics!  I’ll stay in touch.



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