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When you book ‘One on One’ Older Men Younger Women Game coaching with Bullet you’re assured of not only receiving the best quality dating coaching available, you also get Bullet’s ultimate undivided attention and tuition that will propel your game rapidly forward. Bullet trains students all over the world from the US to Canada, and Europe from London to Moscow.

Here’s a testimonial from one of Bullet’s most recent One on One Student’s:

Bullet One on One Review March 2011 by Puadan
I had an awesome 1 on 1 with Bullet this last weekend. I have previously taken the Day Game workshop and have had some success meeting women during the day. However, most of them were in their late thirties or forties. I’m 47, but would rather date women in their twenties and early thirties. I wasn’t sure how realistic this was, until I came across some posts by Bullet on the Attraction Forums . Bullet , as you all know, is a specialist in helping older men meet, date, and sleep with younger women. He’s a couple years older than me, and based on his personal experiences, has tweaked the basic Love Systems model to optimize it for older guys. Here, it seemed, was the perfect instructor for me.

So I signed up for 2 full days of training with him. And I have to say that the weekend far exceeded my expectations! We started off the weekend by going over theory and developing a personalized routine for me. There was an incredible amount of detail and I filled up a notebook taking notes. He had me practice the routine over and over and over giving me feedback. As he says, practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice with corrections makes perfect. Then we went off to do some approaching . He did some demos and then had me open sets and would wing with me. Watching him in action was incredible – he made it look effortless.

That night, at his suggestion, we went out for some Night Game. We went over the differences between Night Game and Day Game and, later that night, met up at a bar to practice.

The following day, we went over body language and voice. This was by far the most valuable part of the weekend. As Bullet told me, communication is 90% nonverbal and only 10% verbal. You can have the perfect routine, but if your body language is off, it won’t work. We went over exactly what I should be doing differently – everything from posture, eye contact, how to gesture, what to do with my hands, when to smile, when not to smile. I felt like I was in an acting academy. He also identified issues I had with my voice and speech patterns. Many of these things I had absolutely no idea I was doing wrong. This type of training and advice is invaluable and, aside from an acting school, not available anywhere else.

At the end of the day, he gave me a list of things to do and work on after the weekend.

Bullet is an incredible instructor. He’s got great game, is encouraging, insightful, and just plain fun to be around. He raised my game to a whole new level. I was very lucky to be able to work with him.


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Bullet has worked with many of the big names in the dating science industry from Neil Strauss (author of The Game), Ross Jefferies to Love Systems Top Instructors to name a few. It has been many years in the making but Bullet has finally developed a tried and tested successful method that works powerfully on pulling women of all ages and works exceptionally well for Older Men wanting to pick up Younger Women.

With Bullet’s One on One training you will learn both Day Game and Night Game theory together and get to practice it all infield where Bullet will study you like a hawk, as he says; “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice with corrections will make you perfect”. Bullet makes sure all his students leave his care with a successful approach & conversation template that you can use for the rest of your new dating life.

Here’s what else Bullet will teach you:

How you need to ‘tweak’ the standard fundamentals of game to get results with women of a younger age. A lot of guys gaming just use the same approach, transition, etc, over and over again on women of all ages. Trying the standard one approach fits all is a recipe for disaster for gaming younger women, we show you what works!

The 5 Learning Stages of Game, a lot of guys that start gaming women will often see initial mixed results of failures and minor successes that often leave them frustrated. When you learn the 5 learning steps of game that we all have gone through, you’ll feel much better as you’ll be able to identify exactly what stage your game is currently at, and most importantly what’s the next evolutionary step you’re about to take.

The emotional progression model and how to get it right as most guys get it wrong by thinking its a linear progression.

A woman’s 8 attraction switches and how to hit them all subliminally while she thinks you’re just making interesting conversation, interestingly age & looks are not an automatic attraction switch for a woman.

The basic structure and rules of having a conversation with a woman that she will find so very interesting and drawn to you, however most guys just don’t get this.

How to keep conversations alive and interesting, continuing to build her attraction towards you hour after hour if you choose.

Female Psychology – how you can gain an understanding of the female mind more than she understands herself.

Male Psychology – how you can get out of your own way and to build unstoppable confidence with younger women.

Plus a whole lot more is covered here in the First Stage of Bullet’s Bootcamp that build a solid foundation of Older Men picking up Younger Women game. The Second Stage of Bullet’s weekend Bootcamp we move into more advanced training subjects like:

Emotional range. As most guys get older they lose emotional range in communication and can often unknowingly appear too serious. It’s natural – your life is more serious than it was when you were 21. But for women, attraction is a purely emotional process – and you need to learn what parameters of emotional range to display in a pickup and how to get back emotional range naturally.

Rule of 25. Learn that picking up a woman who’s age is under 25 is vastly different to the method that is successful to pick up a woman over 25. That’s the age when their life priorities shift and Bullet tailor’s a different types of game depending on these age ranges. Most game books and techniques are one trick and too broad in their approach and don’t take this important point into consideration.

How to “get in the game.” If the age difference is big enough, she won’t even be thinking of you romantically or sexually when you first approach her, in fact you can easily risk “weirding her out” if sexual intent is displayed too soon. Here Bullet teaches the slow burn, how starting a seemingly innocent conversation then transitioning through the onion layers of conversation to reach her mind core to imprint your mark in her mind so you leave an unforgettable impression on her to advance her sexually willingly.

Confident body language for older men. Next time you’re in a shopping mall have a look at the body language of older men; nearly all of them don’t stand or move with confidence or sexual grace that a woman finds intriguing. It’s OK for a younger guy to sometimes seem nervous or awkward but the older you get, the less room for error you have here. A problem identified is 80% solved, Bullet has a keen eye and will help you correct any bad habits that a lot of older guys unknowingly have that are oblivious to non-game family & friends. Remember, 90% of all communication is non-verbal.

When and how to escalate and turn things sexual. Standard Love Systems escalation works best in nightclubs where alcohol, music, and people of similar age allow rapid escalation. Doing this too early as an older man can risk coming off as “creepy”. Bullet has his own calibration tests, so you know exactly when she’s ready. (As with standard Love Systems, waiting too long can be just as disastrous as being too aggressive.)

How to dress. This is crucial when you get older since your aura of masculinity is one of your biggest strengths. However, older men are usually unaware of it and rarely dress to enhance that advantage by either dressing too young or too conservative. Bullet shows you how, without the tuxedo or T-shirt.

Where you can pick-up Younger Women. Bars and clubs are often the most challenging places for older men to pick up younger women. We’ve identified much easier places to pick up that young hottie solo without the need for a wingman.

6 Things a Woman Needs in a Relationship. Say these things and her mind will light up as she think’s finally a guy that understands exactly what I want, she will never have had a younger guy say this to her before.

Bullet is very secretive about his powerful attraction technique’s that get hot young girls into bed and has stated that he will never mass market them in a book or DVD, instead Bullet will only teach you these techniques personally both in theory and infield. Life is short so get your dating life on fire now,

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Here’s what other past students had to say about Bullet:

Bullet ‘s Workshop by Bruscki
“Older Men, Younger Women” was absolutely fantastic! This is were it gets real! I took a bootcamp with Braddock , Vercetti , Daxx , and Sinn a couple of years ago – obviously masters, but this workshop was the Holy Grail for me. Bullet teaches not just solid game but adds incredible tools for older guys with busy jobs and established commitments. This material opened every hot 20-something we approached – every single one, in the middle of the day on a crowded street! Bullet adds the life experience and personal depth that’s needed to get older guys out of our fears and insecurities and into practicing and enjoying the process as well as the fruits of our effort. Both he and Dutch were always with us, giving honest and insightful feedback the entire time in the field. An awesome teacher – Bullet knows how to read you and stretch your limits without pushing you too far out of your comfort zone. I’ll never, ever forget closing on a smokin’ hot exotic little thing (in a Nordstrom’s store at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon) with a single, simple, powerful technique. Take good notes because there’s enough wisdom demonstrated here to keep you practicing (and succeeding) for a long time. Age is no barrier anymore! Thanks Bullet – you truly gave me back my life. – Bruce, age 53.

Bullet’s Workshop by Suey
There is something about writing your experiences down that helps to solidify them for me. So, I want to quickly write down my experience at The Older Man / Younger Women workshop with Bullet and Dutch this weekend.

I had been to a general LS bootcamp as well as Soul ‘s Daygame bootcamp , but this was different. Gotta be honest, when Bullet first started his lecture by telling us that we had to adapt our game as older dudes, I resisted. I wanted to run out of the room. “Age shouldn’t matter!!”, I thought. I was missing the point. When we started doing daygame , Bullet said I was coming across with a bit of a “please like me” frame. I was approval-seeking. His observation opened up a can of worms in my mind. Why was I being that way? After a little soul searching, I knew….it was because I was older. I was afraid that a younger woman might be on to me and discover my secret! So, maybe I tried to act younger than my age. I needed to embrace the fact that I was older, because it can be a good thing. There are advantages to being older. And, there was nothing creepy about approaching younger women — if I was gonna do it, I should feel good about it. That was Bullet ‘s point in the lecture. I didn’t have to try to be somebody I wasn’t. What a relief! That was the inner game shift I needed to make.

It was okay to be more kicked back… more grounded and masculine. Older dudes have experience. No need to try hard. That was the big adjustment that I’m taking away from this experience. Not that I made the shift overnight. When we went to the club for nightgame, I was fighting being hyper. When the club wasn’t immediately filled with hotties, I wanted to bounce somewhere else. But Bullet and Dutch showed me that patience and being in control are part of being an older, masculine presence. Sure enough, hotties started showing up. I ran some solid sets including one where I winged Bullet . The same sticking points came up for me in this bootcamp that happened in my general bootcamp : lack of physical escalation . So, while Bullet was making out with his target — a woman 20 yrs his junior, my target was getting frustrated waiting for me to bust a move.

Oh well, next time I’ll be better. The first thing Bullet taught us was not to beat ourselves up when we mess up. The guys who get really good just make adjustments in their game and move on. The quicker we say, “Next!” the quicker we’ll get good. Another key way to get there that we learned is with a He / She journal. That’s one of the techniques that I plan on implementing moving forward. Bullet is a stickler for the fundamentals. I think I need that and really welcome that approach. I want to start writing things down. Just like he did to get good.

Other key qualities of the bootcamp I especially enjoyed was… the small group of students. There were only 3 students, so it was practically a one on one. I felt like Bullet and Dutch really knew me and could quickly solve my issues while in set. The other thing I really enjoyed was how Bullet referred to his vast experience in the game. He showed us techniques he learned from other gurus that he adapted. We even learned some embedded commands. I always thought that stuff was creepy (mostly b/c of the gurus who teach it), but some of that stuff works, so I look forward to using some of those tricks.

All in all a solid, unique bootcamp where I learned about myself. I look forward to moving forward and making adjustments to my game based on what I learned. Highly recommended if you are ready to get real and learn practical game from an experienced instructor who walks the talk. Oh yeah, and Dutch was a nice resource for insight and suggestions that always worked.

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